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Little Bitty Baby Learns Hebrew

Little Bitty Baby Learns Hebrew
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Baby Board Book Meets Classical Education — Trivium Pursuit presents their first in a series of Little Bitty Baby Board Books — Little Bitty Baby Learns Hebrew. And, yes, little children can learn the Hebrew alphabet, which is the very first baby step in mastering the language.

Using 27 original illustrations, writer/illustrator Johannah Bluedorn offers a pictorial lesson in learning the Hebrew alphabet. Each Hebrew letter is introduced on a separate page of the board book. The sound of each letter is taught with an English guide word, a corresponding picture, and steps for writing each letter.

Perhaps this Little Bitty Baby Board Book will inspire even the tiniest tots to pursue further study of the Hebrew language.


Customer Reviews:

: Review by Crystal Paine at biblicalwomanhoodonline.com
Jesse and I just love this book! Thanks to the Bluedorns for providing what few others might come up with--- a foreign language boardbook for toddlers. We have been reading it with Kathrynne and she seems to enjoy it, too. For anyone who wants to teach their child Hebrew at an early age, this book is your answer. Includes all the letters and their pronunciations, along with simple illustrations and step-by-step instructions for learning to write the letters yourself. A must for every Classical educators library!

: Review by Maribel Hernandez
With the elegance of her brush and simple instructions, Johannah Bluedorn takes out the mystery for all of us on how to write the Biblical Hebrew alphabet. This children's board book is yet another publication of the fine work her readers have come to expect. Not just another rehash of the standard board books out on the market, this book provides real utility with practical how to steps.

The author has combined all these elements clearly to her readers. Each letter is articulated with the following:

Instructions on the alphabet.
Art work that is delicately detailed.
Ortheopy of the alphabet.
Illustration of the alphabet.
Explanation of the alphabet.
Chart of the alphabet for easy reference.

What struck me the most about this book was the way the author took a very intimidating alphabet and reduced it to a simple form of writing we can understand and repeat. This is definitely a book to have in stock at your home to give as gifts for any occasion.

: Review at midwestbookreview.com
Little Bitty Baby Learns Hebrew is a Hebrew alphabet board book for very young children. The stiff pages are laminated to protect them against spills and the like; each page portrays a Hebrew letter with instructions in how to pronounce it and how to write it, as well as a smattering of watercolor illustrations. The final two-page spread shows all the letters together. An excellent educational and language tool.

: Review by Prof. James D. Regehr
. . . I think that it is wonderful to publish a book that will help introduce people - both parents and children - to the Biblical Hebrew language. Your efforts toward this end are timely and significant. I have no doubt that many people would greatly appreciate a book like this! . . . I think that it is excellent that you provide the step by step procedure for the drawing of each letter. This assists the reader and student greatly in being able to reproduce the shapes of the letters. . . .

This book is a wonderful tool that introduces children (and their parents) to the world of the Hebrew language. In a simple and gentle way, it introduces the Hebrew "Aleph-bais" and shows the reader how to draw the Hebrew letters and begin to learn their sounds. (Prof. James D. Regehr, Ph.D., President, Fountain of Life School of Ministry, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada).

: Review at eho.org
Here is a charming little book introducing the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. We are not learning Hebrew, not quite yet, but our older daughters have been introduced to Strong's Concordance with its Hebrew words and have often run curious fingers over those fascinating shapes that represent the earliest writings of God's Word.

Though this book is a board book, suitable for reading to small children, there is plenty to keep older children and adults interested, including step-by-step instruction in letter formation and pronunciation guidelines.

There is no storyline to speak of. Each page has a sweetly drawn illustration that emphasizes the sound a particular letter makes ("Daleth sounds like the d in door" appears over a picture of a young child shyly peeping around a door.)

Not long after we first read this book, the knowledge came in handy! We were reading our way through the Psalms, and when we came to Psalm 119, we knew how to pronounce the letters heading each section. It seems we'd been mispronouncing them in earlier journeys through the Psalms... (Beth does not rhyme with "death" but rather with "faith"!)

Our middle daughter may be found at quiet times with this book, following the steps and forming various Hebrew letters. It appears that she may be interested in a further study of Hebrew. Our youngest just likes to look at the pictures and trace the graceful letters with a curious finger.

All in all this is a pleasant and useful little book.


: Review by Beth Brewer at homeschoolblogger.com/beth
This book truly is as sweet as it sounds! For some time I have been interested in learning Biblical Hebrew with our children. Recently, we have begun the task of committing the Hebrew alphabet to our memories, pulling from various resources. Then this precious little book found its way into our hands, Little Bitty Baby Learns Hebrew. It has been a timely gift to me, and to my children, and is now our most practical first guide. Each letter has easy step by step instructions as to how it is to be formed correctly. The pronunciation of each letter is clearly given, complete with picture associations (Johannah's lovely illustrations to go along with each letter) to aid in ones remembrance of it.

It's been a joy for us to receive, read and to use, and has now become our favorite Hebrew primer! Though it's a board book, and as the title suggests, is appropriately designed for much younger students than myself, and my 6 yo daughter and 9 yo son, its simplistic approach does, however, lend itself to otherwise apprehensive beginners of all ages. We have therefore found that it is appropriate and enjoyable for older students as well. My kids haven't been put off by the name at all... rather they think it's funny to say over and over again!

Due to this book being a "board book," it is nice and sturdy, which is coming in handy for all of the use it's getting at our dining room table lately, as we pass it around in the mornings to copy our letter formations and practice pronunciation. This book is simply lovely, and such a pleasure to learn from! I'm thankful to have found such a sweet picture book from which to commit these most special Hebrew characters to my children's memories. So, don't let the name fool you, nor the fact that it's a board book. If your children love beautiful, sweet picture books as mine do, or if you're in the market for a simple Hebrew alefbet primer, then I highly recommend this book!

We're on our way, finally learning the Hebrew alefbet together! I'm eager to check out the Greek Alphabetarion next!

Nathanael (who will be 10 yo next month) says, "I like the shapes of the Hebrew letters, and this book makes it easy to write them. It's easy to understand."


: Review by Kristine Jacobson, Forest Lake, Minnesota
Teaching Hebrew to a baby, how curious? What better way to bring a lifestyle of training up your children with an appreciation of Classical Languages. While there are a plethora of mindless children’s books on your baby’s shelf, you will find this a delightful book that will educate you as well as expand the vocabulary of your young. This book is a perfect example of a classic approach to teaching our young ones from books that are profitable and “twaddle free.” Inside the pages you will enjoy the illustrations of Johannah Bluedorn, bright and delightful while teaching the alphabet for Biblical Hebrew.

: Review in Practical Homeschooling Magazine, reviewed by Sarah Pride
What an odd, enchanting idea -- Hebrew for infants? Actually, Johannah Bluedorn's beautiful little board book, Little Bitty Baby Learns hebrew, is most useful for children at least slightly older than "little bitty babies." Its laminated, sturdy, pale green pages each contain one letter of the Hebrew alphabet, its name, a pronunciation guide for its name, a simple, 2-step or 3-step process for writing the letter, and an attractive illustration. To make a logical connection between the symbol on the page and everything else, a child must be old enough to understand what the book is for. So the adorable title is just a bit premature.

I anticipate that moms who wish to know the Hebrew alphabet and therefore buy this board book "for their babies" would be able to gain considerable use from it. Baby will love it because it is pretty, and the rest of the family can learn a bit of Hebrew.


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