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Lois Lenski — Best Read-Alouds Ever

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Strawberry Girl

The Little Fire Engine

Indian Captive: The Story of Mary Jemison

Flood Friday

Houseboat Girl

Judy’s Journey

Prairie School

Now It’s Fall

The Little Sailboat

The Little Farm

Papa Small

High-Rise Secret

Texas Tomboy

Blue Ridge Billy

Ocean-Born Mary

Corn Farm Boy

The Little Auto

Shoo-Fly Girl

At Our House: A Read-and-Sing Book with Music

Sing A Song of People

Coal Camp Girl

Bayou Suzette

The Little Family

The Little Train

Cowboy Small

The Little Airplane

Policeman Small

Mama Hattie’s Girl

San Francisco Boy

Cotton in My Sack

Boom Town Boy

Mr. and Mrs. Noah

To Be a Logger

We Live by the River

Bound Girl of Cobble Hill

Let’s Play House

Puritan Adventure

2 Responses to “Lois Lenski — Best Read-Alouds Ever”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    It looks like some of these are better for youngers and others for older? Some are picture books and others chapter books? Could I bother you to differentiate? They all look wonderful and I’d put on Gramma’s Xmas list if I knew which child might appreciate best…

    Here you go:

    Strawberry Girl chapter book

    The Little Fire Engine picture book

    Indian Captive: The Story of Mary Jamison chapter book

    Flood Friday chapter book

    Houseboat Girl chapter book

    Judy’s Journey chapter book

    Prairie School chapter book

    Now It’s Fall picture book

    The Little Sailboat picture book

    The Little Farm picture book

    Papa Small picture book

    High-Rise Secret chapter book

    Texas Tomboy chapter book

    Blue Ridge Billy chapter book

    Ocean-Born Mary chapter book

    Corn Farm Boy chapter book

    The Little Auto picture book

    Shoo-Fly Girl chapter book

    At Our House: A Read-and-Sing Book with Music picture book

    Sing A Song of People picture book

    Coal Camp Girl chapter book

    Bayou Suzette chapter book

    The Little Family picture book

    The Little Train picture book

    Cowboy Small picture book

    The Little Airplane picture book

    Policeman Small picture book

    Mama Hattie’s Girl chapter book

    San Francisco Boy chapter book

    Cotton in My Sack chapter book

    Boom Town Boy chapter book

    Mr. and Mrs. Noah picture book

    To Be a Logger chapter book

    We Live by the River ??

    Bound Girl of Cobble Hill chapter book

    Let’s Play House picture book

    Puritan Adventure chapter book

  2. Julia Anderson Says:

    We love Lois Lenski, too. Wish all of her chapter books were still in print…