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Ruth Beechick Memorial


5 Responses to “Ruth Beechick Memorial”

  1. Patricia Christianson Says:

    Praise the Lord for her life and work!

  2. Pamela in MN Says:

    Our family has been so blessed by her books. She truly was the “Grandmother” of homeschooling.
    Thankfully her homeschool posterity can continue to glean from her through her publications while she is now with the LORD.

  3. Chris Ellyson Says:

    Oh my…she will be missed. Blessedly, she left a paper trail! We homeschooled from the early 80s thru 2012. Her work simplified and clarified a lot of our teaching.

  4. Teresa Says:

    You were one of my first homeschool mentors. I’m still giving your books to my children to read and to glean. Thank you for leaving such a legacy.

  5. LaurieBluedorn Says:

    Yes, she will definitely be missed.