Trivium Pursuit

Grammy Lectures on the Principle of Non-Aggression

Grammy and #1 Munchkin are exploring the back yard. Munchkin is carrying a stick and proceeds to hit the cat. Grammy takes this opportunity to educate the boy on the principle of non-aggression.

Grammy: We never hit anyone or anything smaller or weaker than we are.

#1 Munchkin (without missing a beat): If I was a baby, could I hit the cat?

Grammy: Cats are always weaker than people.

#1 Munchkin: Tigers are big.

Grammy: Let’s go inside and eat some jelly beans.

#1 Munchkin: OK

One Response to “Grammy Lectures on the Principle of Non-Aggression”

  1. Catherine Says:

    Oh how funny! A sharp little cookie who looks to be in a hurry for the jelly beans!