Trivium Pursuit

I’m going to specialize in dahlias this year

Maybe I’ll even take some to the fair.

4 Responses to “I’m going to specialize in dahlias this year”

  1. Lea Ann @ WhateverStateIAm Says:


  2. Elisabeth Says:

    They are beautiful and inspiring! :)

  3. Anna Says:

    Oh! Those pompon dahlias are outstanding!

  4. Jenny Says:

    Hi, Laurie,
    I’m a friend of Lea Ann Garfias and a member of the Christian Pub Yahoo Group. I stopped by to read your review of Mystery of History and clicked over to check out your blog. WOW, these flowers are amazing! If I showed them to my Aspergers son, he’d remember Dahlias for a long time. He’s in bed fast asleep, but perhaps I’ll bring him back tomorrow. :)