Trivium Pursuit

Trivium Pursuit Sale — 35-Year Collection of Elocution Books, Theological Magazines, and Much More

Trivium Pursuit sale from November 25-December 2. Please call to place an order 3095373641 (8 AM-9 PM CST).

Teaching the Trivium: Christian Homeschooling in a Classical Style (normally sells for $34) — $19

Handy English Encoder Decoder (normally sells for $15) — $9

A Greek Alphabetarion Book and CD (normally sells for $28) — $18

A Greek Hupogrammon (normally sells for $20) — $13

Ancient History from Primary Sources (normally sells for $30) — $19

A Review of English Grammar for Students of Biblical Greek and Other Classical Languages Ebook (normally sells for $8) — free with order, upon request

Ancient Literature: Significant Excerpts all 6 Ebooks (normally sells for $50) — free with order, upon request

Books from our Scratch/Dent/Used List — listed below are only a few of the items:

Elocution, Interpretive Readings, Rhetoric, Speech, Oratory

The Treasury of American Poetry selected and with an introduction by Nancy Sullivan, hb, markings on 2 pages, hb, 1978, ISBN 038512033X, $3.

Swinton’s Fifth Reader and Speaker, 1883, hb, pencil writing throughout, $5.

Choice Readings for Public and Private Entertainments and for the Use of Schools Colleges and Public Readers with Elocutionary Advice edited by Robert McLean Cumnock, hb, 1901, binding very loose, $3.

Oral Interpretation 3rd edition by Charlotte I. Lee, hb, ex lib, 1965, $7.

Peerless Reciter or Popular Program containing the choicest recitations and readings from the best authors for schools, public entertainments, social gatherings, Sunday schools, etc., including recitals in prose and verse selections wit musical accompaniments, dialogues, dramas, tableaux, etc., together with rules and instructions for gesture, expression, and cultivation of the voice compiled and edited by Henry Davenport Northrop, illustrations and photography, hb, fair condition, $20.

Counseling and Devotional

Solving Marriage Problems: Biblical Solutions for Christian Counselors by Jay E. Adams, pb, writing on 3 pages, ISBN 0310510813, $3.

Spiritual Counsel to the Young by J.K. Popham, 1977, pb, ISBN 0801070201, $3

Daily Light from the Bible: Classic Devotions for Every Day by Samuel Bagster, pb, ISBN 1593109350, $2.

Bible and Theology

L.R. Shelton, Jr., 51 pamphlets, $15.

Free Grace Broadcaster back issues (85 issues total, July 1980-Summer 1998), Mt. Zion Publication, L.R. Shelton, Jr., editor, underlining, $25.

Good Doctrine by Thomas Bradbury, reprint by Gospel Missions, pb, binding cracked a little, 192 pages, $5.

The Gospel of a Covenant God: 10 Sermons by John Warburton of Trowbridge, hb, color illustrations, 1976, ISBN 0904435083, 151 pages, $10.

Bible Prophecies by S.F. Paul, hb, Gospel Standard Baptist Trust, 1974, 147 pages, illustrated, $5.

Trust in God; or Jenny’s Trials by Catherine D. Bell, hb, fair condition, published by American Tract Society, 64 pages, $9.

Atheism or Christianity, second expanded edition by Jovan Ilijev, this book is written in a foreign language, don’t know what, but it is the language spoken in Yugoslavia, hb, new book, book is free to someone in Yugoslavia, postage is extra.


The Talmud Unmasked by Rev. I.B. Pranaitis, translation of the author’s Latin text, pb, highlighting on 3 pages, 111 pages, 1985, $5.

A Guide to Cults and New Religions by Ronald Enroth, highlighting on 2 pages, ISBN 0877848378. 1983, 216 pages, $1.

Creation Science

Earth’s Earliest Ages by G.H. Pember, hb with dj, underlining on 5 pages, ISBN 0825435080, 1975, 332 pages, $8.


Handbook of Everyday Law fourth edition by Martin J. Ross and Jeffrey Steven Ross, pb, ISBN 0449245152, $1.

The First Step to Learning, antique booklet for learning to read, published London, Yorkshire J.S. Publishing and Stationery Co. Limited, c.1860, $25.

On Station: a complete handbook for surveying and mapping caves by George R. Dasher, hb with dj, ISBN 1879961032, $19.

A Guide to Responsible Caving compiled by Adrian Sira, National Speleological Society, booklet, $1.

The Longest Cave by Roger W. Brucher and Richard A. Watson, ISBN 0809313227, $5.

Marriage and Family

Reforming Marriage by Douglas Wilson, pb, ISBN 1885767455, 144 pages, $3.

Ideal Marriage: Its Physiology and Technique by Th. H. Van De Velde, revised edition, hb, 1965, $9.

Intended for Pleasure: new approaches to sexual intimacy in Christian marriage by Ed Wheat and Gaye Wheat, revised, updated and expanded, hb with dj, ISBN 0800712536, $2.

The Family: God’s Weapon for Victory by Robert Andrews, pb, ISBN 1883893240, $4.

Divine Design for the Family Second Edition by Ray M. Wenger, pb, ISBN 0963461605, $2.

The Wedded Life, pb, 1979, Rod and Staff Publishers, booklet, $5.

Be Clothed with Humility: what the Bible teaches about clothes by Andrew G. Randalls, Strict Baptist Publications, pb, booklet, 1998, $4.

Please call 3095373641 (8 AM-9 PM CST) to order any of these books. You can combine orders if you would like to purchase from our regular catalog. Please pay by Credit Card or Paypal. Twenty dollars ($20.00) minimum purchase (that includes shipping). Shipping charges (all orders will be sent Media Mail):
up to $25 — $5.00
$26–$50 — $7.00
$51–$75 — $9.00
$76–$100 — $10.00

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