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Thanksgiving Pictures

We had two Thanksgiving dinners this year — one on Tuesday with my mom, two sisters and their families.

Helena and Ava cooked a most delicious dinner.

My sister Ronna’s two Chihuahuas.

The blue-eyed baby from the mountains of Colorado — my sister Ann’s baby.

The brown-eyed French baby — my nephew Chris’s baby. Chris’s wife Elizabeth is from France.

Cousins — Chris and Hans.

Sister Ann.

Elizabeth, Evan, Chris, Chad (my nephew), Arlan, Ronna, Hans, Head Housekeeper, Ava, Johannah, Adam, me, my mom, Nathan, Harvey

3 Responses to “Thanksgiving Pictures”

  1. Laurie Bluedorn Says:

    Yes, both turkeys were perfect!!

  2. priscilla Says:

    looks like ava and headhousekeeper helena made a fantastic meal. gotta love that last picture of helena. :)

  3. Katie West Says:

    Arianna is getting so big! Both young ones are adorable!!! Love Helena’s title :) That was quite a crowd there!