Trivium Pursuit

Virginia Reel Dance-Off at Pie Auction

2006 Contest
Video by the Austins of Nobletin Productions

The 2008 Re-Match
Video by the Austins of Nobletin Productions

4 Responses to “Virginia Reel Dance-Off at Pie Auction”

  1. Jeneric Jeneralities ~ by JenIG » Reformed Itchy Sewing Feet Says:

    […] decidedly more enjoyable than the last time I got it.  But it’s still pretty itchy. And the Bluedorn challenge has gotten me so worked up that I actually started wondering if I could use it as biological […]

  2. Perla Sarmiento de Adams Says:

    Congratulation Laurie and Mr Bluedorn, You dance very nice.

  3. Angela Says:

    Oh, that is just too funny! My siblings and I laughed soooooooo hard….

    those Austins are hysterical!!!!!!

  4. Anne Says:

    Great film!

    However, spelling fix needed at 3:34