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Furnace Oil and Propane Prices?

The price of #2 furnace oil has gone from $3.828 (that’s with taxes and delivered) on October 7 to $2.98 on October 24. Propane is now at $2.12. What are the prices where you live? It hasn’t gone below freezing here yet, so we’re waiting to see how low the price will go before buying our oil.

2 Responses to “Furnace Oil and Propane Prices?”

  1. Kim Carr Says:

    We had propane delivered about a week ago and it was at $1.90 and going down.


  2. abi k. Says:

    Well, we don’t use propane or heating oil here in Texas, our house is all-electric (central heat A/C), but I can tell you that Gasoline prices have gone from near $4.00 a gallon, to closer to $2.30 +-. It’s getting cheaper day by day! For that I’m grateful.