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Twenty-Seven on the Twenty-Eighth

4 Ava and Honey

Ava and Honey

9 Responses to “Twenty-Seven on the Twenty-Eighth”

  1. Katie West Says:

    Very Fun Pictures, Mrs. Bluedorn! Emily and I enjoyed looking at the earlier years :D Guess Ava has never liked having her picture taken :) I think a horse in the house would be so COOL! 8)

    Katie and Emily

  2. Kristin Carr Says:

    What a beautiful young lady! :-) Her baby pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Happy Birthday, Ava!

    Note for Ava: Be watching your mail in a couple of days! ;-)

  3. priscilla Says:

    happy happy birthday ava! what super pictures mrs. bluedorn! very pretty pictures of miss ava!

    p.s. why can’t ava’s horse come in the house?? :)

  4. Kristen B. Says:

    Happy birthday Ava!

    I really enjoyed the pictures. What is Ava and Morgan doing in the third picture up from the bottom? Morgan looks cute with her leg on the porch step. :D

  5. Faith Says:

    Happy Birthday, Ava! We share the same b-day month. June is a good month to have a birthday, isn’t it? I really enjoyed seeing all the pics of you when you were little! You loved animals even then. ;-)

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  6. Sona Noah Says:

    Happy Birthday, Ava!
    May God bless you!
    Sona for the Noahs

    The photos are adorable!

  7. Jul Says:

    Happy Birthday to Ava!
    What sweet pictures.

  8. Kelly for the Reins Says:

    Happy Birthday Ava.
    We enjoyed the photos!

  9. Ava Says:

    Hello everybody!
    Thanks for all your birthday greetings. I am enjoying my day! :)