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Pre-Order Hand That Rocks the Cradle

Hi! I followed your suggestion years ago to spend two hours each day reading to my son and I am so thankful! He loves to read and we have shared so many wonderful hours together both enjoying great books and discussing them. However, now he is 17 I am finding it harder to find good works to read together. We’ve read so many books already! He is a voracious reader on his own but I’m looking for good works we can share together. A lot of the classics I’m looking at now are really disappointing me. For example, I just picked up a copy of Tess of d’ubervilles by Thomas Hardy and after reading a summary of the plot – well, I didn’t relish reading through that together! And a lot of contemporary works aren’t very well written. Do you have a list of good books to read together when you’re homeschooling in high school? If so I would really love to know what books are on it! Thanks so much for all you do! You have made a HUGE impact in our homeschooling that has really blessed us! Because of Jesus, Deb, Tampa, FL
You will probably like our new book Hand That Rocks the Cradle. You can pre-order it on Amazon or buy it from bookstores as soon as it comes from the printer mid-March.

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