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Original Painting by Johannah Stanford to Be Auctioned

Sometime next week we will offer at auction (eBay) an original watercolor painting by Johannah Stanford. This painting is one of the pictures in her book Bless the Lord: The 103rd Psalm. Bidding will start at $100.

Gingerbread Men from Grandmas Kitchen 72dpi

6 Responses to “Original Painting by Johannah Stanford to Be Auctioned”

  1. Kristin Carr Says:

    That is a beautiful painting! :-)

  2. Kristen B. Says:

    Beautiful! A question for the artist – about how long does it take to complete a painting that size?

  3. Johannah Stanford Says:

    I believe it took me 25-30 hours to complete this painting. I think I painted it over a three week period along with the painting which faces it in my book, Bless the Lord. I usually work on two paintings at the same time. After I draw them in pen and ink, I tape them side by side on my watercolor board, and then I go back and forth between them, painting the different colors. Talking about it makes me want to start another painting! :-) Thank you for your question Kristen, and thank you for the pretty card you sent me.

  4. Kristen B. Says:

    Thank you, Johannah!
    I am sure painting is so worth the time to produce beautiful works of art. :-) Your artwork is lovely! You’re welcome about the card. :-)

  5. Heather Says:

    Your artwork is beautiful!

  6. Perla Sarmiento de Adams Says:

    It will look nice in my son’s bedroom! :)