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New Book Next Year

No longer available.

6 Responses to “New Book Next Year”

  1. Kristen Says:

    Johannah’s artwork is just SO beautiful! :)

  2. Jul Says:

    Beautiful cover. The flowers on it make me think of a wedding.

  3. Christine Masloske Says:

    The name DOES look familiar…could it be the very daughter that was “body snatched” back in August???? (

    Johannah Stanford, nee Bluedorn…quite lovely name and lovely book.

    Love in Christ,

  4. Maureen Says:

    You know, the cover of the book makes me think of a quilt and it’s just a suggestion, but maybe the illustrator can take the same squares that are in the book and turn the entire book cover into a quilt.

  5. Perla Sarmiento de Adams Says:

    This book looks as the “A,B,C of Latin”. Great, We need it!

  6. Amy Says:

    Is it a flower?