Trivium Pursuit

Illuminated Text


Illuminated text by F. Sangorski and G. Sutcliffe

4 Responses to “Illuminated Text”

  1. Stephen Ratcliffe Says:

    Very interested in this as am researching Sangorski & Sutcliffe – does the caption in the actual book specifically mention F. Sangorski & G. Sutcliffe. The National Art Library in England is under the impression this book was published c. 1880 – this was before they met !


    Stephen Ratcliffe

  2. Melissa Duvall Says:

    I think that this could be interpreted in openwork on Linen very prettily…. I wonder if any of the Bluedorn girls would give it a try?

  3. Laurie Bluedorn Says:

    Good idea!

  4. Fred Bear Says:

    This is from the January 1910 edition of The International Studio.