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The Story of Mr. Pippin

The Story of Mr. Pippin
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Bringing Up Baby

Once upon a time there was a raccoon named Mr. Pippin. . . and so begins the true story of how one happy summer we raised a baby raccoon. Trivium Pursuit is pleased to announce the release of their newest children's picture book The Story of Mr. Pippin by Johannah Bluedorn. Detailed watercolor paintings bring this tale of love and friendship to life, making the book certain to appeal to children of all ages and to the young at heart.

In award-winning illustrator Johannah Bluedorn's Tasha Tudor style, Pippin's early nurturing and later antics are minutely recorded to reveal what it is like to bring up a baby raccoon. Toys and teddies, honey bears and hollyhocks all play a part in Pippin's pampered childhood, until later, when "the call of his wild home was stronger than his love for us."

About the author/illustrator: Bluedorn, a self-taught homeschooled artist, won her first art prize at age 14 and published her first book at age 17 . She has illustrated several other children's books, including Alphabet for Biblical Hebrew, Alphabet for Biblical Greek, Become a Civil War Reenactor, My Mommy My Teacher, The Lord Builds the House (all published by Trivium Pursuit), and From Dark to Dawn: A Tale of Martin Luther and the Reformation (published by Books on the Path). She also designs and sews 19th and early 20th century costumes and raises Jersey cows and Quarter horses on her family's farm in New Boston, Illinois.


Customer Reviews:

: Review by Rebekah Wilson at hopechestlegacy.com
What a sweet story! This book covers the raising of a very strange member of the family - a raccoon! From bottlefeeding to sneaking food from the pantry as he grew older, Mr. Pippin is as cute as can be as Johannah shares the story of Mr. Pippin and her family. My boys really enjoyed this story and begged to go out and find their own raccoon! Once more the illustrations Johannah creates are vivid and detailed - a truly beautiful picture book that will keep your little ones entertained.

: Review in Christian Library Journal
Mr. Pippin, an orphaned raccoon, is adopted by Ava and spends the summer with this young lady and her family. Mr. Pippin grows up from a tiny bottle-fed baby to a curious, jelly bean-loving raccoon. Along the way, Mr. Pippin meets Cashmire the parrot, Dulce the cow, and Rosie the dog. We watch as Mr. Pippin discovers the flower garden, climbs a cherry tree, and explores the house and grounds of Ava's family. Finally, Mr. Pippin is old enough to make his home in the woods near Ava's house.

These 32 pages of full color pictures with simple text are sure to delight children of all ages. This is a good read-aloud. My girls all loved it (ages 4, 5, and 8), and I enjoyed reading it to them. The illustrations are all charming watercolors done with beautiful attention to detail. The last page gives four color photographs of the real Mr. Pippin as a baby (being held by the author) and as a slightly older raccoon (being held by his adopted mother, Ava). This book, a true story, will appeal to a broad range of people, especially animal lovers (Mr. Pippin also encounters skunks, a turtle, and another raccoon). This medium sized picture book has a sewn binding and pictorial boards (no dust jacket). Reviewed by David Rainey, Senior Bibliographer, State Library of Louisiana, Baton Rouge

: Review in The Paper Mache
Johannah Bluedorn, a 27-year-old homeschooled artist and author, has done it again. Here is another exquisite book which you will love reading and rereading to your preschoolers, and on which your beginning readers will practice their newfound "literary" skills.

The Story of Mr. Pippin is about a baby raccoon which was adopted by Johannah's sister Ava and hand raised by the Bluedorn family. It is a sweet story which will appeal to children. Each page is beautifully illustrated in full color with intricate detail. An important pre-reading skill is learning to process pictures and this book will certainly give your child a wonderful opportunity to develop all those skills.

Elegantly printed on quality paper and beautifully bound, they will be sure to become family heirlooms to pass from child to child and on to your grandchildren, if the Lord wills.

Reviewed by Ruth Lindstrom, Editor of The Paper Mache, the newsletter of Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators

: Review at frontporchhistory.com
I got the book in today and couldn't resist reading it in the car while waiting for my dh to make his purchases in the grocery store. You may tell your very talented artist/author/daughter that I cried. You may also tell her that I'm trying to decide whether or not I'll give in to the temptation to review it myself so I can save it for the grandbaby that we're all waiting for. Reviewed by Tammy Marshall Cardwell

: Review at handsnhearts.com
We received our review copy of The Story of Mr. Pippin in the mail a few minutes ago. My 11 year old spotted the package in my arms and asked to be allowed to open it. She began squealing with delight as soon as she realized what it was. She immediately ran for her favorite reading spot to devour the book, but before she could finish it, her 7 year old brother picked up on the excitement and climbed into her lap so that she could read it to him . . . . and read it to him . . . . and read it to him. By round three, most of the children were piled on the couch as well. Four-year-old David could not wait to get the book all to himself, and as soon as he did, he settled in next to me to "read" it to me. He has decided that he is no longer David but should be called Mr. Pippin, and pored over the pages while commenting in the first person, "Look at me . .. . .I'm just a baby . . . . Oh, I loved that bottle . . . . .That was my favorite honey . . . . .Oh, dear (sinister laugh) - I made a big mess in the kitchen! . . .That is my dog . . . . " and so on.

When I finally got to read it :-) I was as enchanted as the children had been. The photos in the back were an especially delightful touch. Johannah has done a spectacular job (not that we expected any less!!) and I can hardly wait until Jeff comes home so that I can show him the book and ask him how many copies to order. Reviewed by Kate Estes

: Review at homeschoolchristian.com
Mr. Pippin is a raccoon rescued by the author’s sister from the wild when a baby. This picture book tells about all of Mr. Pippin’s adventures growing up in the Bluedorn family. His everyday life is detailed with beautiful illustrations and text. Miss Bluedorn leaves the ending open for the reader’s imagination and for family discussion as Mr. Pippin returns to the wild for a future among his own kind. Four photographs of the real Mr. Pippin complete the book.

Recommendation: The Story of Mr. Pippin not only is a lovely storybook, but also is a “living” science book for very young readers. The beautiful illustrations will appeal to even the youngest. Reviewed by Carly Robinson

: Review at homeschoolingfromtheheart.com
Author and illustrator Johannah Bluedorn has written a charming hardback book full of beautiful Tasha Tudor-style illustrations and large easy-to-read text, perfect for young children. The Story of Mr. Pippin is a delightful tale of how one family rescued and adopted a baby squirrel. The family in the story is the author’s own, and the book chronicles their experiences as they raised and observed Mr. Pippin for several months one summer. Readers will chuckle as they read about the young racoon’s escapades…including his trips up the cherry tree, where he sometimes ate too many cherries. Of course, like all wild animals, Mr. Pippin soon says good-bye to his human family. The author cleverly leaves the story a bit open ended, allowing us to image for ourselves what Mr. Pippin might be doing now that he has joined his forest friends. Adding to the realism of the story, Miss Bluedorn has also included four photographs of the real Mr. Pippin on the last page.

The Story of Mr. Pippin is a charming "living book" that would make a wonderful addition to any young child’s bookshelf.

©2004, Homeschool Reviews For You

: Review at joydekok.com
I confess, this book is a new favorite of mine! Jon and I raised and released a total of 6 baby raccoons when we lived in the country, so Mr. Pippin is very dear to me. The author/illustrator takes the reader into the joyful journey of raising a baby raccoon to adulthood. She skillfully brings the story to a tender conclusion as Mr. Pippin found, “the call of his wild home was stronger than his love for us.” Children of all ages…and animal lovers of any age…will enjoy this real story of a raccoon and a special girl.

: Review at eho.org
This hardcover children's book is a homeschooler's triumph - literally. Johannah Bluedorn, gifted artist and author, was also homeschooled. The Story of Mr. Pippin tells a personal story, one of a baby raccoon the family adopted when he needed them and released when he was ready to seek out a life for himself in the wild. In spending one summer with Mr. Pippin and his human family, you will laugh, cry, and learn a surprising amount about raccoons. The book's pages are alive with 40 fabulous illustrations and end with a page of photos of the real Mr. Pippin and his adopted family. Reviewed by Larissa McKay

: Review at MidwestBookReview.com
The Story Of Mr. Pippin is a heartwarming picturebook about the relationship between a young girl and Mr. Pippin, an orphan raccoon that she rescued. The foods he ate and the time he shared made for precious memories as he matured into an adult. Eventually Mr. Pippin felt the call of the wild and left his adoptive family to fend for himself - what new adventures could be in store for him? An especially delightful tale for any child who loves raccoons.

: Reviews from readers
Thanks for writing the book The Story of Mr. Pippin. It's great! Do you still got Mr. Pippin? I hope you do. One of my favorite parts in the book was when Pippin was a baby in a play. That was cute. I liked two funny parts. In one picture a parrot is reaching for honey with its beak and another is when Pippin ate too many cherries and was fat from eating them. Those things made me smile. I liked how Pippin ate your jellybeans, too. Thank you for working on this book. Are you going to write another book? I would like that. Could you write me a letter, too? Sincerely, Cicily P.S. I liked the part when Pippin curled up to his teddy bear at night and played with it.

Today we received the BEAUTIFUL book that Johannah wrote and illustrated! Thank you so very much! I just finished reading it, and can't wait to show it to the rest of the family! Congratulations on a job very well done! This book should win many awards! Maggie, Illinois

All 5 (13 months-11yrs) of my children enjoy this book. Once again Johannah has created a book that is a treasure as well as a joy to read aloud. The story is told in the form of a tender recollection of a special summer. I cannot say enough about the illustrations. Warmth and the sense of tender memories is conveyed on every page. The paintings are detailed with such depth and richness. It is a real treat for nature study, for it is filled with flora and fauna that children and parents will love to admire and identify. Positive character qualities modeled include tenderness, joy, gentleness, and kindness. This book can be used in a nature study for K-4 grades. Clara from Miami

Today I just received the package of books I had ordered from you. Thank you so much for the high quality and wonderful illustrations. My sons have been devouring The Story of Mr. Pippin. The art work has been encouraging them to make drawings on their own initiative! I have only begun reading Teaching the Trivium. I wish that I had the time that I did as a child to just sit and devour books. But step by step I will bite off chunks to ponder during the day. I have four boys aged 7, almost 5, and almost 3, and almost 1. Many smiles and thanks from our family to yours. S and A from Canada

: Review in Homeschooling Today magazine, November/December 2004 issue
One of my fondest memories is of my grandmother reading to me. When I was at her house, it was tradition to snuggle up together on her big bed and read a story, and like most children, I was fascinated by animal stories. Johannah Bluedorn, homeschool graduate and author/illustrator, brings us an enchanting true story that the entire family will love. The Story of Mr. Pippin is the story of a happy summer when an orphan raccoon came to live at the Bluedorn house. ...the simple, large-print text allows beginning readers the joy of reading a fun, interesting story. There are even photos of the real Mr. Pippin at the end of the book! Mr. Pippin will definitely become one of your family's traditional favorites. Reviewed by Marilyn Rockett

: Review by Dena Wood of timestales.com
This delightful book shares the true story of Mr. Pippin, a raccoon raised by the Bluedorn family, and his adventures while in their care. Exquisite pictures detail each experience as the author shares of her summer with the mischievous raccoon and his subsequent return to the wilderness. This sweetly simple book brought both a smile and a tear as I traveled its pages. Truly, this book will be a favorite with adults and children alike.

: Review by Kristine Jacobson, Forest Lake, Minnesota
Mr. Pippin is certainly a delightful tale about a summer with a baby raccoon. What a delight it is to have a story that explains the life of a baby animal from when he was small enough to “sit in the palm of your hand” to the day it was called away to “the wild from whence he came.” It is interesting and funny enough to keep your child’s attention while giving them a solid foundation to pull from to understand that wild animals have a home in nature and domestic pets have a home with their owners. Johannah’s artwork is delightful for parents and children alike. As with all of her artwork her attention to detail and color is precious. Each page has its own story inside the pictures giving a child, hours of entertainment and sentimental consideration.

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