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On Family Worship

On Family Worship
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On Family Worship by Harvey L. Bluedorn

Introduction: Ask for the Old Paths •Judicial Blindness •The Failure of Fathers
Biblical Foundations For Family Worship: What is Family Worship? •What About the New Testament? •Fathers are Providers, Watchers Over Souls, Feeders of Flocks •Fathers are Elders Over Their Households •Duties of Fathers •Nurturing with Scripture •Husbands and Fathers are Commanded to Nurture
Patriarchal Jurisdiction For Family Worship: Jurisdiction •Romans 13 and Conflict in Jurisdiction •An Illustration of Conflict in Jurisdiction •God’s World Order
Practical Suggestions For Conducting Family Worship: General Suggestions •Three Rules for Family Worship •Specific Suggestions •Suggested Method for Family Bible Study •Reverse Catechism •Miscellaneous Comments •Accountability •Some of the Benefits of Family Worship •Objections to Family Worship
Resources on Family Worship

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