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My Mommy, My Teacher

My Mommy, My Teacher
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A delightful children’s picture book which tells the story of a young girl and her family as they learn and work together on their farm. Her mother teaches her at home along with her three brothers and her baby sister. The story is illustrated with beautiful watercolor paintings. Every page is in full color


Customer Reviews

Review by Rebekah Wilson at hopechestlegacy.com

Although this book is sweet simply for the wondrous illustrations Johannah Bluedorn has created, there is a depth to this story that homeschoolers worldwide will enjoy and deeply treasure.

As a homeschooled child herself, Johannah has captured the very essence of life in a homeschooling family. She has captured the bond of love, trust and joy found between loving parents and their children. I believe Johannah has given us a unique glimpse into her own childhood memories that were the inspiration and basis for this treasured story.

Patience, understanding, gentle discipline, engaging instruction, joyous obedience and more are to be found in the children's characters as they move through typical homeschooling days and seasons of the year. Although the full color page illustrations are heartwarming and thoroughly enjoyable, it is the children's hearts and actions and the parents unwavering love and guidance that have truly captured my attention and drawn me to this book.

This is a must for every homeschooling home, not only for the children to enjoy and learn from, but for the parents and most especially the homeschooling mother to refer to for encouragement and hope!

Seen through the eyes of a little homeschooled girl, as parents we are given a unique gift through this book. We can begin to understand what our children see in day to day life. What our children's joys and pleasures are, how they perceive learning and education, the simple basic trust and reliance they place in the God of their parents, how family interaction is so vital to the well being and happiness of childhood, and how time with mother and father is the ultimate foundation the child builds on for life.

If you have ever had a rough homeschooling day, if you are ever discouraged and ready to cry, take out this simple little book and allow the story and illustrations to wash your heart clean, build up a new vision for why you are doing what you do, and open your heart to your children once more.

This little story shares how loving, training and teaching your children is a priceless gift from God.


Review by Crystal Paine at biblicalwomanhoodonline.com

This delightful book will bring a smile to your daughter's face. Written from the perspective of a little 7-year-old girl who is in a Classical homeschooling family, she shares in simple terms how they live their everyday lives. Kathrynne and I have enjoyed reading it together many times. Even though it is a children's book, I found it very enjoyable and motivational to hear how this Christian family lives, works, prays, plays, and stays together. In an age when wholesome children's reading material is very hard to find, My Mommy, My Teacher stands apart. I highly recommend this for anyone with young daughters.


Review by Britta McColl at morningstarlearning.com

My Mommy, My Teacher is a high quality hard cover with beautiful illustrations and a warm, engaging story line that promotes the joys of home schooling. I just read it to my daughters last night and we all enjoyed it so much. My 13 year old son who was listening said, “We should home school like that!” There are several things that appealed to him: 1.The farm (chickens and strawberries!!) 2.The parrot 3.The cozy read alouds, and 4.The love and joy.

I have learned so much from reading Teaching the Trivium, and My Mommy, My Teacher has put it into simple terms for me. I have always read aloud to my children, but had fallen out of read alouds during the school day thinking we had too many other important things to do. Both books have helped me to see that this is one very important thing that we need to get back into during our school day and not just at bedtime. I am looking forward to those cozy moments with the kids drawing, cutting, and sewing while I read those memory building books!

I was thinking that if you were new to homeschooling and weren’t sure of how to set up a schedule or what to do, this book would give you lots of ideas. (I am a veteran and it gave me some new and good ideas!) The paper in My Mommy My Teacher is very thick and sturdy. It will survive many read alouds. Your children will enjoy paging through it and gazing at the beautiful detailed, full color illustrations on each page.


Review at midwestbookreview.com

Written and illustrated by Johannah Bluedorn, My Mommy, My Teacher is the thoroughly enjoyable, full-color, children's picture book story about a young girl who learns from her family and her mother how to work on a farm. The rich watercolor paintings, gentle tone, and love of life pervading this amenable story make My Mommy, My Teacher a warm and loving book ideal for reading aloud and sharing — especially between mothers and daughters.


Reviews by parents

I just received Johannah's book, My Mommy, My Teacher. What a fantastic book! Just wanted to thank you for writing such a beautiful book . . . both in text and in illustration. I am amazed and awe struck! What an encouragement for my own daughter who is gifted both in writing and drawing. God bless your gift and calling! — D. W.

I just received My Mommy, My Teacher. It is a lovely illustrated book. I can see how one can become interested in taking art lessons after looking at all these colorful drawings. I am tempted to explore water color and acrylics on a beginner level with my children. On page 6 of this book Johannah has created a lovely frame of soft roses and green leaves. This is a nice place to begin exploring painting with your children. This could make lovely stationary paper for your children. Thank you, Johannah, for stimulating us through your fine art work to think on things that are lovely. — M. H.

Thank you so much for the books you sent. I love them! My little Erica (age six) was so excited to have me read My Mommy, My Teacher to her. She loved hearing familiar names like Robinson Crusoe, Robin Hood, etc. The illustrations are beautiful! Thank you. — T. C.

I purchased Johannah's book this past Friday from her at the Arlington Book Fair. It is wonderful!! Please thank her again for writing and illustrating such a beautiful book, full of what I want my children to value most in life. Our gracious God has indeed blessed her with tremendous gifts. May she continue to use them for His glory. — A.D.

Just to let you know, my children absolutely loved My Mommy, My Teacher. Even my six year old son sat patiently soaking up the beauty in each page and delighting in the story. He was quite thrilled over the fact that there was a boy learning to read (like he is), who was interested in The Hobbit (like he is) and who adores his baby sister (like he does!). My four-year-old daughter especially loved hearing about the "Mommy." She loved the beautiful pictures and enjoyed hearing about another homeschooling family. You are very blessed to have such a talented daughter who obviously loves you so much! — Stacy D. McDonald, Editor-in-Chief Homeschooling Today Magazine www.homeschoolingtoday.com


Review at eho.org

My Mommy, My Teacher, written and illustrated by homeschool graduate Johannah Bluedorn, is a charming story of farm life told from the perspective of a seven-year-old girl. The colorful pictures bring farm, field, and family to life, perfectly complementing the story in which the girl tells of her daily activities. These range from cooking and sewing to caring for siblings and animals to playing like any young girl does. This is an excellent book, appropriate for all ages. (I'm 16, and I enjoyed it!) It is especially good for ages 5-10. It would be an interesting read-aloud for families: simple enough for the youngest children to understand, yet appreciated by the older ones. I will say it again: this is a charming, colorful, excellent, interesting, and simply adorable book. — Katie Barrett


Review in Homeschooling Today magazine

It has been said by a very wise man that “mothering is reformation”—a statement that would be met with deep skepticism by many in our generation. They know little of mothers, as they know little of all true beauties, and therefore cannot understand how the familiar career, home-juggler they know could be anything but an unfortunate necessity. She is certainly not the wonder-women their grandmothers remember with respect. Nor is she the inconsistent feminist their own mothers remember with affection. Instead, she is a changeable member of a world in which they cannot play a part. Home is a place to be when there is nothing else to do, and children are a burdensome responsibility draining valuable resources from today’s teetering economy.

Yet some courageous women have chosen, over the last two decades, to deny the legitimacy of this worldview and invest their lives in a biblical vision. My Mommy, My Teacher, a self-published book written and illustrated by Johannah Bluedorn ($14, Trivium Pursuit), is a tribute to one such woman—the author’s own mother—and all like her. It is the journal of a day in the life of a mother, with all its wonders and joyful toils, as seen through the eyes of her daughter. The Proverbs 31 employments of cooking, clothing, cleaning, training, teaching, encouraging and beautifying are all in evidence; the loving interactions between parents, children and siblings are commendable. Its greatest value is in its beautiful and encouraging portrayal of a homeschooling mothers’ life.

The art, like its subject of motherhood, is distinctly timeless. One sees 1850’s fashions alongside the reading of The Hobbit (which was not published until 1937) and log cabins displayed on the same canvas as Peter Rabbit. Watercolor is the medium of choice, and the style is simple, antiquated and colorful.

While this book is certainly no breathtaking thriller, there is something refreshingly beautiful in the truth of its assertions. With modernity’s almost constant attack upon the bastions of biblical motherhood, it is uplifting to see so pretty and charming a defender of her cause. — By Kate Franklin


Review by Dena Wood of timestales.com

My Mommy, My Teacher is the delightful story of a young girl who shares the events of her daily life as she works, learns and plays with her family. They idyllic country life of this homeschooling family offers a sense of peace, security and meaning to both children and adults. Love, respect, responsibility, and joy are evident as we follow this young lady through her day. Gorgeous, detailed artwork of homey scenes adorn each page. This story is both a joy and inspiration.


Review at homeschoolblogger.com/HomeSchooling4Jesus

There are plenty of books out there written by homeschoolers, and for homeschoolers. But we are hard pressed to find books written specifically for homeschooled children about homeschool families. This book called "My Mommy, My Teacher" is written and illustrated by Johannah Bluedorn (who was herself homeschooled) for children. Specifically homeschooled children!

I was really delighted by this book full of sweet and gentle words telling of a homeschool family. The family consists of father, mother, three brothers and two sisters. The story is written as though the 7 year old girl in this family is telling it. My son was very intrigued to hear of a homeschool family in a book! This was new to him, as I said we are hard pressed to find children's story books in which the children in the book are homeschooled.

And it's not enough that the story is really engaging, Miss Bluedorns illustrations are gorgeous. I was very pleasantly surprised by the beautiful, soft and detailed pictures in this book. We read the book, but had to go back through a second time JUST to absorb the pictures as they, themselves tell a story. Each of Miss Bluedorns paintings are so full of details that it took us longer to marvel over the illustrations (and oooh and ahh!) than it did to read the book. They really are that interesting!

I think every homeschooled child should be entitled a chance to have this book on their personal book case. We couldn't help but smile as the little girl in the story told of the titles of the read alouds that the family in the book was currently reading, and how they use a timeline. This story is so true to life in the day of a homeschool family, that your child will not help but to feel a special fondness and connection to this book. I highly recommend it as a high quality children's book with top notch illustrations. Enjoy!


Review by Kristine Jacobson, Forest Lake, Minnesota

What a delight this book is! I think I enjoy this book even more than my children. It captures the heart and soul of a pioneer homeschooling family who desire to instill Faith in the Lord and the Word of God in the lives of the children.

The pictures are captivating, and your children will enjoy each page which unravels is a story onto its own.

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