Trivium Pursuit

The Bluedorn Family

Trivium Pursuit is our family’s ministry to other homeschooling families.

Question from a recent interview: We need a brief biography of your family.

Answer: (Written in 2002) From the day we were married in 1973, we were committed to homeschooling whatever children the Lord would give us, although at that time the term hadn’t been invented yet. Our oldest was born in 1975, and we started homeschooling using a formal curriculum in 1980. In 1982 he turned seven, which was the compulsory school age in Iowa. At that time, it was illegal to homeschool in Iowa, so we moved to Illinois to avoid prosecution for truancy charges, and we’ve lived here ever since. We returned regularly to Iowa to attend the trials of other parents being prosecuted and jailed for homeschooling, and to testify at legislative hearings, until Iowa finally altered the law to allow homeschooling.

In 1989, we were asked by an Iowa Homeschool convention to give a seminar on teaching Latin, Greek, and Logic. We’ve now given seminars in forty-four states. We would never have chosen this role for ourselves. Others have called us to it. In 2001 we arranged much of what we know and believe into a book, Teaching the Trivium.

Our children are Nathaniel, Johannah, Hans, Ava, and Helena. They all work with us in our ministry. Nathaniel is the web master for our web site and for his and Hans' web site He also designs and formats all of our materials. Besides his studies in logic, classical guitar, and writing, he has bees and cows to attend to. Johannah is the illustrator for our materials, and besides her French studies and writing and illustrating (she’s writing a children's book now), she gives art lessons, attends to five cows (she owns the cows) and makes cheese and other milk products. Hans handles the Logic Loop, studies classical guitar, and is working with Nathan on putting together a logic curricula. Ava is the one you will most likely talk to if you call our home. She and Helena make sure all orders are sent out promptly. She gives sewing and music lessons and does sewing for others. Helena is finishing her high school studies and is working with Harvey on a Latin pronunciation guide. Johannah, Ava and Helena have a web site to sell their handmade gifts. All of our children work with us on our writing projects. The girls keep the household running and the boys keep the property in good repair. We live way out on a country road in a large farm house on two acres, where we have a large garden and a fruit orchard.

We are available to answer your questions.



Our family in 1984.
Erie, Illinois

Harvey and Laurie Bluedorn at their 30th wedding anniversary party. (2003)

Our back yard. (2004)

Our barn. (2004)

Our back yard in the summer. (2004)

Our road. (2005)

Robey in the pasture. (2005)

Helena in her flower garden. (2004)

Rafting in Colorado. (2005)

Hans biking in Colorado. (2005)

Johannah hiking in CO. (2005)

Hiking in Colorado with Ed. (2005)

Rosa, celebrating her 13th birthday. (2003)

Miss Rosa was a beautiful golden retriever, a faithful and friendly dog who very much enjoyed the company of people. She would regularly come to the front door early in the morning and bark for someone's attention. She will be missed most for the way she would walk quietly up to someone, sit down and look up at him with an expression as if to say, "You look like you need to give someone a nice pat on the head. Here I am, you can pat me."

Ava, Missouri (2005)

Johannah at the Christian Booksellers Association Convention in Denver (2005)

Nathaniel and Hans at the Christian Booksellers Association Convention in Denver (2005)

Johannah at the CBA Convention in Denver (2005)

Helena and Johannah at the Christian Booksellers Association Convention in Denver (2005)

Hans and Johannah caving. (2004)

Hans and everybody playing paintball. (2004)

Our smallest livestock -- Nathaniel's bees. (2004)

Laurie and Nathaniel extracting honey. (2004)

Cashmire, contented on her favorite chair. (2003)


The new foal, Sunday. (2004)

Johannah riding Piney. (2005)

A new hobby -- ascending and repelling (2005).

Ava and her horse Morgan. (2005)

Our three horses in the pasture. (2005)

I survived the Trivium. (2005)

Reading to Annabelle's new calf, Toby. (2004)

Ava and Mr. Pippin -- a raccoon that she raised in the summer of 2002.

A tight squeeze for Hans. (2004)


A front porch visitor. (2004)

Laurie and Helena . (2004)

Nathaniel in Arizona . (2004)