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Great educational ideas that you can use right now


The River Houses project is a big and wonderful plan to create a new type of national homeschool network made up of friendly local groups called “houses.” They’re getting started by creating a comfortable rhythm of informal learning with traditions, holidays, poems, places, birds, stars, little lessons, and great educational ideas that you can use right now to give a light structure to your homeschool year. Over the coming months they will be developing organizational elements that will let people form local houses and join together into a flourishing federation. Sign up for their free newsletter to get great homeschool ideas all through the year and to follow along as their grand plans develop.

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  1. Bob O'Hara Says:

    Thank you for the kind mention! I hope your readers will find some interesting things at the River Houses website — it’s a big place, so feel free to poke around and explore. 😊

    —Bob O’Hara (