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Grammy helping with Five In a Row and The Little Red Lighthouse

Monday, October 15th, 2018

This week Grammy is helping to row The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge. The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge by Hildegarde H. Swift, illustrated by Lynd Ward Building the lighthouse Grammy’s all-time favorite picturebook Five in a Row: Volume 1 by Jane C. Lambert

New magazine for homeschooling teens in Korea plus win this issue

Saturday, October 13th, 2018

Samuel Chung is a 16-year-old homeschooler in Korea. He and his friends just published the first issue of a magazine for Korean homeschooling teens. The theme for this issue is “Why are you homeschooling?” Samuel: “Today, many Korean homeschooling teenagers and their parents feel discouraged and nervous with their unclear future and the harsh, competitive […]

The fables of Avianus and Aesop

Thursday, October 11th, 2018

Excerpts from Ancient History from Primary Sources: A Literary Timeline by Harvey and Laurie Bluedorn Many persons begin in classical literature with the fables of Aesop (Greek) and Avianus (Latin). These are suitable for all ages, young and old, however, each family has its own standards, and a parent should not assume that all literary […]

Illustrated Bible Excerpts The Book of Esther — Free for five days

Thursday, October 11th, 2018

FREE through October 16 Illustrated Bible Excerpts: The Book of Esther Illustrated Bible Excerpts is a series of short ebooks telling the Bible stories we all know and love so well. Each ebook contains an excerpt from the Bible with numerous illustrations inserted into the text. The second book in this series, The Book of […]

Words to liven up your October

Wednesday, October 10th, 2018

• affiance = to promise somebody or yourself in marriage to somebody else • apotheosis = the highest point of glory, power, or importance; the best or most glorious example of something; the supposed transformation of a human being into a deity • bucolic = relating to or characteristic of the countryside or country life; […]

All About Reading in the treehouse today

Wednesday, October 10th, 2018

Doing All About Reading in the treehouse. Am enjoying helping daughter Johannah and the grands with this curriculum. From How to Make Reading and Spelling “Stick” by Marie Rippel — author of All About Reading “…Short-term memory is a system for temporarily storing, managing, and recalling the information necessary to carry out particular tasks. It […]

We need internal illumination

Thursday, October 4th, 2018

Archibald Alexander 1772-1851 When the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all the truth. John 16:13 A genuine Christian is not only taught out of the Word, but by the Holy Spirit. External teaching, however correct, is not sufficient. We need internal illumination by the Spirit. Not that this divine Instructor teaches […]

More favorite read-alouds with the Grands

Thursday, October 4th, 2018

Little Farm by the Sea by Kay Chorao Bats in the Band by Brian Lies The Restless Robin by Marjorie Flack Rush Revere and the First Patriots: Time-Travel Adventures With Exceptional Americans by Rush Limbaugh Angelo by David Macaulay Roxaboxen Alice McLerran Watching Water Birds by Jim Arnosky The Mountain That Loved a Bird by […]

Contest Time — win one of five signed copies of Archer and Zowie

Thursday, October 4th, 2018

This illustration is on page 22 of the book Archer and Zowie by Hans Bluedorn. Do you see the little arrow pointing at a star? What is the complete name of the star? Email bluedorn @ your answer to this question. Out of all the correct entries, we’ll pick five winners. Each will win […]

Pilgrim’s Progress for Children

Monday, October 1st, 2018

Dangerous Journey: The Story of Pilgrim’s Progress by Oliver Hunkin published in 1985 illustrated Young People’s Pilgrim’s Progress by S.J. Reid published in 1914 illustrated The pilgrim’s progress told to the children by Mary Macgregor published in 1906 illustrated by Byam Shaw John Bunyan’s dream story; the Pilgrim’s Progress retold for children and adapted to […]


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