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Selling my beloved set of John Buchan


I’m selling my beloved set of John Buchan on Ebay.

Hunting tower (pb)
The House of the Four Winds (pb)
The Island of Sheep (pb)
The Blanket of the Dark (pb)
John Macnab (pb)
Castle Gay (pb)
The Three Hostages (pb)
Greenmantle (pb)
Mr. Standfast (pb)
The 39 Steps (hardback)
Prester John (hardback and illustrated)

3 Responses to “Selling my beloved set of John Buchan”

  1. Julia Says:

    The 39 steps is the only one I’ve read. I really liked it! Wish I could buy all yours!

  2. maryrobin Gibson Says:

    What is the price you are asking on your set?

  3. LaurieBluedorn Says: