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Homeschooling Without Co-ops, Online Classes or Tutors… Does It Work?

Saturday, January 30th, 2016

“Recently a friend, who is nearing the end of her homeschooling years, shared that she taught her sons with no co-ops, no lesson plans, and no professional teachers or courses of study. Just three boys and their books doing their daily school work at the kitchen table….” Read the rest of the article here.

It is the exercise of the soul under unbelief that shows the existence of spiritual life

Saturday, January 30th, 2016

A Peculiar People by J.C. Philpot “…But all God’s family, each according to their measure, have spiritual exercises. Sometimes, for instance, they are powerfully exercised with unbelief; that is, the unbelief of their hearts so powerfully works in their carnal mind, as to obscure every evidence, hide every testimony, and deface every inscription that the […]

Why “late to read” is not always a problem by Daniel Foucachon

Monday, January 25th, 2016

Late to read? Why that’s not always a problem. BY DANIEL FOUCACHON “I would like to tell you something about my mother and about me. Homeschooling mothers have to be self-sacrificial, hard-working, and patient. I want to share how these qualities in my mother blessed my life in a particular way. For whatever reason (some […]

Selling our collection of costume, reenactment and theater apparel

Monday, January 25th, 2016

We’re selling the last of our collection of costume, reenactment and theater apparel. Vintage 3-piece uniform — it looks like WW2 or Korean Army, coat 38S, pants inseam 29. $40 Vintage USAAF A-11A Flight Trousers – Intermediate, Flying. Manufactured 1945 by Stagg Garment Company. Size 30 waist. Warm lined. $20 Vintage women’s 1940’s suit #2. […]


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