Trivium Pursuit

Hey, Affiliates, Come Here!

This sale is over.

3 Responses to “Hey, Affiliates, Come Here!”

  1. Heart of a Philanthropist Blogger Kim Says:

    Looks great. I am really excited about this sale. Do you homeschool too?

  2. LaurieBluedorn Says:

    We homeschooled from 1975-2001. All the kids are grown and gone.

  3. Honoree I Tigrett Says:

    Hi Laurie! I read Trivium pursuit probably half a decade ago! I especially loved the reading aloud section- I would read to them for 1-2 hours a day until they were about 8 or so. Don’t do it as much now, (not that I don’t think it’s as important). Well I started a blog last winter, got the affiliate bundle marketing banners from a friend, have been following posts on the affiliate bundle fb page, and I happened to see your name! I still own and use your 400 read alouds book. Thanks!