Trivium Pursuit

Would you like to see the new munchkin?


Hunter Aaron Auberg is born — September 26.


Mother and Baby are fine. Grammy aged about 3-4 years while in the waiting room.


He’s pretty cute.


Though still quite young, Hunter has something important he wants to say.

4 Responses to “Would you like to see the new munchkin?”

  1. Marilyn Scraver Says:

    Congratulations! Yes, he is cute, and I see you’re starting him out on a firm foundation (the Constitution…).

  2. Theresa Gerson Says:

    I thank the Lord for a safe delivery for your daughter and Hunter Aaron. I had been praying that all would be well.

  3. Carolina G.C. Says:

    He is soooo beautiful! Congratulations!

  4. Gretchen Says:

    Thanks for the laugh on such a important occasion. Gotta train ‘em early. (Do hope you posted on one of Ron Paul’s pages!)