Trivium Pursuit

Contest List Now on Amazon

Trivium Pursuit’s List of National Contests and Exams Open to Homeschoolers is now on Amazon as a Kindle document.

2 Responses to “Contest List Now on Amazon”

  1. Elaine Says:

    What are the grade ranges for the contests? Is the list updated yearly? And what are the different categories?

  2. LaurieBluedorn Says:

    Grade range is K-12. We update the list when we’re able — not yearly. Categories: science, speech, creative writing/essay, art, video/filmmaking, photography, foreign language, computer science, math, robotics, automotive, engineering, poetry, sewing, debate, model rocketry, geography, history, civics, oral interpretation, horticulture, mythology, journalism, astronomy, cartooning, origami, stamp collecting, spelling, chess, music, horsemanship, and cursive writing,