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Eggnog — Not Just for Christmas Anymore Ebook Giveaway

UPDATE: Our winners are Lindsey, Karen a Vargo, Kendra, Claudia and Jessica.

B. Mark Anderson of Grass Fed Recipes just released an ebook Eggnog: Not Just for Christmas Anymore.

50+ recipes for delicious eggnogs that people love, plus info on egg health & nutrition (it turns out they’re even healthier than you thought).

$4.95 (50% off Holiday Sale right now) 

Purchase your ebook here.

Grass Fed Recipes is giving away five copies of this ebook. Leave a comment below and on Friday we’ll pick five winners.

9 Responses to “Eggnog — Not Just for Christmas Anymore Ebook Giveaway”

  1. Cindy Landreth Says:

    We love eggnog! And we love eggs from free-range chickens and milk from grass-fed cows. Would love to have some great new recipes!

  2. Lindsey in AL Says:

    Oh, this sounds great! If our chickens ever start laying again, I’d love to make some nog. I just can’t stomach the store-bought stuff any more. Too nasty sweet.

  3. Patricia Christianson Says:

    My husband’s favorite things about Christmas are eggnog, and when it’s over–not necessarily in that order.

  4. karen a vargo Says:

    My children love eggnog!! When they were younger I use to call it Santa’s milk which would ignite more magic and mystery in their glistening blue eyes. Now they dring it buy the gallons. I would love to learn how to make my own.

  5. Ann H Says:

    I LOVE eggnog! I drank a lot of “eggnog” while I was pregnant– cream, eggs, and honey. We have farm fresh eggs and cream, and I’d love to branch out with some new recipes for the family! :-)

  6. Megan Volmer Says:

    All five of my kids love eggnog! Of course in NC we cannot legally buy raw milk, but we are looking at property so we may have an opportunity to have a cow :) We would love to win a copy of this e-book. Thanks for the opportunity and thanks for all the good info about Ron Paul. I just finished reading his book, Liberty Defined and bought it for three people for Christmas and would recommend it to anyone who wants to think through the issues of the election.

  7. Claudia Says:

    Eggnog recipes, just the thing my noggin’ needs to read.:-)

  8. Kendra Neal Says:

    We love Eggnog here! My boys and I say every year we wish it was made year round!

  9. Kristin Green Says:

    We love eggnog! Not sure my hips do though :)