Trivium Pursuit

Baseball at the Pie Auction

We have two Baseball Baskets now donated to the silent auction. These were donated by an anonymous family (name starts with a wal and ends with a lace).

Gift Basket #1

1 Cubs baseball cap
1 baseball
1 baseball light switch
1 Cubs stuffed hot dog toy
1 Cubs T-shirt and shorts outfit, 18 mos.
1 Cubs reusable bag

Gift Basket #2

similar to gift basket #1 but is “those we don’t speak of” team.

2 Responses to “Baseball at the Pie Auction”

  1. Melody Hemmer Says:

    :D I can’t believe they even donated Cubs items! I think I know what the “other” team is…

  2. Greg Says:

    Cardinals! It’s the CARDINALS!!!