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New Edition of The Fallacy Detective Just Released

the-fallacy-detective-workbook-2014-cover-1440 copy

New edition of The Fallacy Detective just released.

One Response to “New Edition of The Fallacy Detective Just Released”

  1. Megan Volmer Says:


    Thanks for the info. I am assuming you were on vacation for the last little while and missed your blog updates. Did see your Facebook pics at the Cubs game. Hope you had a great time. I was at my dad’s house over Labor Day and he had a copy of The Fallacy Detective. I guess he had brought it for my younger brother about ten years ago. It had never been used and he gave it to me. My eldest is almost 9 so I haven’t been in a rush to purchase it, but plan to use it down the road. I laughed so hard reading it on our trip home my kids thought I was crying. I am sure your boys – and probably your girls are a hoot. Thanks again for all you do for homeschooling. I have directed several people to your site for help. I know it sure is a blessing to me.