Trivium Pursuit

Favorite Sermons

Discipleship in the Church by Voddie Baucham

An exposition and application of Titus 2. Why is there not a “list” of Christian conduct for younger men as there is a list for younger women? But we do have a list and it’s in Titus 1. There’s no such thing as a list of Christian conduct that’s expected of men and a separate list of Christian conduct that’s expected of elders. Practical and clear discussion of what love is.

The Death of the Believer and the Unbeliever by Rolfe Barnard

In the Bible what we call death and the Lord calls sleep is harmless for one of His own. There is nothing in death to cause fear for a child of God. It is wonderful that the Scriptures teach us that the Lord has removed the sting of death. It can’t sting you if you’re one of His own…. It has no power to hurt the child of God.

Drug Addict’s Testimony by Peter Orasuk

Mr. Orasuk tells us how he became a drug addict and how the Lord healed him.

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