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The Baby Delays


When will we be able to hold the baby????

5 Responses to “The Baby Delays”

  1. Jules Says:

    SOMEbody’s a little anxious….! :-)

  2. Elisabeth Says:

    Well, I’ve learned to take due dates with a grain of salt since my three children were 5, 10, and 11 days late respectively! My fourth child is due in about 4 weeks, but I’ve found it better to think 6 weeks!

    I hope for your daughter’s sake that her little one doesn’t delay too long! It can be challenging to maintain a cheerful attitude when one is overdue to have a baby!

  3. Sarah Says:

    I recommend NOT rushing things even though it is SO easy to do! I got impatient with #1 when she was 10 days over and we induced. I vowed to not do that again, went 6 days over with #2 and #3 came right on time! #4 was induced 5 days early because of high blood pressure, but I hope these twins, #5 and #6 stay in as long as possible :)
    Search for a web page that may still be up somewhere if you get past a week over and are getting impatient–ten month mama!

  4. Alison Says:

    As long as everything is going well, be patient! My first was induced 3 weeks early due to severe pre-eclampsia. My second was over a week late, and my third was two full weeks late–but those births were SO much easier!

    Be sure to monitor kicks and heartbeats (you don’t even need a stethoscope, just hubby’s ear on the belly), so you can contact your OBGYN if you have any worries.

  5. Reba N Says:

    When will I hold baby?
    Soon, soon, oh very soon.
    Our Lord wants to cradle just a bit longer.
    To build him stronger.
    While your love grows fonder.
    Don’t allow your mind to wander.
    Who’s eyes, nose,and lips will he have?
    Those are the things to ponder.

    For when you finally meet this heavenly wonder.
    No other will you greet as fondly.
    Dishes and mending all others fending…
    as all the little ones wishes are met without regret.