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Blue or Pink?


8 Responses to “Blue or Pink?”

  1. Perla Sarmiento de Adams Says:

    Blue, from the very beginning I know a boy is comming.

  2. Perla Sarmiento de Adams Says:

    Here is my Egiptian “Eggplant” Recipe: Mesa’aa

  3. Megan Volmer Says:

    My guess is that it is a girl! Johannah looks so tiny. I know she can hardly stand the wait. I had two real late birds so I am going to keep Perla’s recipe handy for myself in Nov!!!!!

  4. Christine Says:

    We do a fun thing around our house prior to baby being born. We have a “contest” where every member of the family (grandparents, too) has their guess written out, including gender, date born, weight & length, and name. I think that with our baby last year, Angela even had a contest on her blog, *hint, hint* and gave away a gift card.

    So, here’s some of our family’s guesses:

    Andrew, 8:
    GIRL; 10 lbs.; 15″; June 7th (his grandma’s birthday)

    Rebekah, 4:
    GIRL; 29/50 lbs.; 4″ long; June 6th
    (oh, Johannah, I hope Rebekah isn’t right!)

    Angela, 14:
    GIRL; 6.5 lbs.; 19″; June 10th

    Daniel, 12:
    BOY; 6.8 lbs.; 19.25″; June 9th

    Jason, 16:
    BOY; 7.1 lbs.; 20″; June 6th

    Christine, 41:
    BOY; 7 lbs.; 19″; June 7th

    My husband, 2yo, and 10mo did not make any guesses!

    Praying for Johannah & Baby,
    Christine and family

  5. Jul Says:

    If the top she is wearing is an indicator… blue.

  6. Katie West Says:

    Soon we will hopefully find out!! yay!! :D


  7. DeEllen Says:

    I say Blue

  8. Patti Royer Says:

    Her firstborn will be a son. I am 50% positive!