Trivium Pursuit

Where is Toodles today?

Indonesia for blog

Indonesia for blog2

Toodles just missed something very big. What country is he in today?

10 Responses to “Where is Toodles today?”

  1. Perla Sarmiento de Adams Says:


  2. Alan Moore Says:

    Via Google, a document states that this location is in Banda Aceh, Sumatra. The fishing boat saved 59 people during the tsunami in 2004.

  3. Kelli Y Says:

    Banda Aceh, Indonesia

  4. Kelli Y Says:

    ps. The fishing boat is a great clue!!

  5. Anne Calvert LA Says:

    Sumatra, Indonesia

  6. Jodi Hernandez Says:

    The Philippines

  7. Sarah W. Says:

    He missed the election! Indonesia!

  8. Jill Buford Says:


  9. juli c. pealstrom Says:

    Tootles looks like he is in Thailand and missed the Tsunami (spelling is wrong, I think).

  10. Amy Decker Says:

    Papua, New Guinea