Trivium Pursuit

Happy Birthday #1 Son

5 Responses to “Happy Birthday #1 Son”

  1. Christine Says:


    May your next year be blessed, and you continue to grow in the grace and wisdom of our Lord Jesus.

    Love in Christ,
    from the Millions of Masloske’s

    Jim, Christine, Jason, Angela, Daniel, Andrew, Rebekah, David and Hannah (There will be a test later.)

  2. Anna Says:

    Happy Birthday, Nathan! The 5th is my Ava’s birthday… who is also my first born! It’s a good day…


  3. priscilla Says:

    Happy Birthday Nathan! Funny, Joe turned 14 yesterday, and I have a really good friend who her sister’s husband’s birthday was yesterday too. Famous day! :)

  4. Patti Says:

    Happy Birthday, Nathaniel.

  5. Katie West Says:

    Happy Birthday, Nathan!