Trivium Pursuit

Flowers Gone

It doesn’t look like this now. Today we have snow and high winds. What’s it like in your part of the country?

5 Responses to “Flowers Gone”

  1. Kellie Says:

    I live about 30 miles outside of Salt Lake City, Utah and it is warm and sunny. It is almost 60 degrees. We have not had any snow in our valley since October. Luckily it is still snowing in the mountains, Our ski resorts are open. I can’t wait for the snow. I love winter!!!!

  2. Kelly Says:

    In Texas it’s chilly and sunny with fall colors about. We actually saw daffodils today. There’s no hope for snow though.

  3. Kristen B. Says:

    North Carolina – cold and windy! First dusting of snow was last week.

  4. Jessica Says:

    Now that we’re “neighbors” (we’re in Indiana) I guess our weather will be very similar to yours. Stop by our blog for photos of our first snow yesterday.

  5. Kristin Says:

    Kansas – Freezing! I don’t think that it has left the 20’s today. :-(