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The Perfect Turkey?

We’re having lots of company next week and need some help. How do you make the perfect turkey? What’s your secret ingredient? Priscilla S., I need help!!!

12 Responses to “The Perfect Turkey?”

  1. Heather Says:

    One thing we do when we make a turkey…now it’s not really pretty like the one above…but we cook it upside down. This way the meat part is able to soak in the yummy juices.

  2. Stephanie Says:

    Brine it!

  3. Jul Says:

    We always pour a bottle of chardonnay wine inside and over the turkey. It flavors the stuffing and the gravy wonderfully! I posted our typical “holiday” menu recently at our website.

  4. Patti Says:

    We always just cook ours till the button pops.

  5. priscilla Says:

    Hi Mrs.Bluedorn, we always buy “smoked” turkeys every year. We love them like that. We always get ours at a meat locker – I know you guys would like it.
    Lots of company sounds so much fun, hope you guys have a fun-filled Thanksgiving week!


  6. Christine Says:

    Hi Laurie!

    It looks like your family already knows how to make the perfect turkey – the one in the picture looks wonderful!

    We are blessed to have my lovely mother make us the perfect turkey every year (sometimes a Thanksgiving in July, too!) and I think she’d tell you her secret is BASTING, BASTING, BASTING with lots & lots of butter! yum! Mom also sticks with a traditional bread, sage & onion dressing which is the most wonderful dressing ever! The girls (Angela, Rebekah, Hannah and I) go over Wed. night to make the stuffing with Grandma! – Very blessed tradition in our family!

    My brother & sister-in-law also do turkey but they soak theirs in a brine then smoke it. Different than traditional but very delicious also!

    We are trying Julie A’s pumpkin pie recipe this year to bring to my mom’s. I’m sure Angela will post pictures since it will be her first pumpkin pie!

  7. Jennifer V. Says:

    I’ve always used Reynold’s oven bags. The turkey turns out great every time and NO basting! Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Linda Barrette Says:

    I also am a very satisfied user of Reynold’s Turkey Bags. There’s also room in the bag for any stuffing that doesn’t fit into the bird. Mmmm! Getting hungry!

  9. Jill Says:

    Our family always uses sausage stuffing (just brown some bulk sausage and add it to your usual stuffing). It adds great flavor! I also like to brine it.

  10. Becca Says:

    Ditto what Heather says! Cook it upside down so it can soak up all that juice. I did this accidentally once. You can just imagine me trying to carve a turkey, not realizing I had cooked it upside down. I kept saying, “Where’s the MEAT?” I was in a total panic because I had cooked it for our homeschool support group’s Thanksgiving feast. LoL

    Now I always cook them upside down. ;-)

  11. Perla Sarmiento de Adams Says:

    I will try next time the upside down ide too, Nice tip Heather.

  12. Patti Says:

    We like sausage in the stuffing, too, and apple bits and mushrooms.