Trivium Pursuit

Three Days Till Pie Auction

Pie Auction Up-Date

145 people

5 raffle items ($2 per raffle ticket)

Candy Store (fill your cup and make a donation)

10 Pie Eating contest contestants (vote for who you think will win — winner gets to keep his jar of $$)

Portrait Studio/Photographer (if the lighting is good)

Pot-Luck Supper for everyone

Live music and barn dance from 7-9 PM

Virginia Reel Dance-Off (FYI, the Bluedorns will win this)

6 Best Pumpkin Pie contestants (winner gets the jewelry set)

31 Desserts to be auctioned

25 Silent auction items

At the Pie Auction you will see…

The West girls will be coming from far away Missouri….and they’ll be bringing…..

A Yule Log

Homemade Peanut Butter Cups

Caramel Apple Cupcakes

Danielle and Mandy Moody, sisters coming from Missouri

The Owen Brown family will be coming from southern Illinois, and they’ll be bringing (among other things)…..

…pecan tarts.

David and Patti Christianson and family — Patti will be our caller — and they’ll be bringing…

…a pumpkin cake.

The Hemmer Family

The Wallace Family

The Masloske Family from way up in northern Illinois will be coming.

The Igarashi Family from Tennessee

4 Responses to “Three Days Till Pie Auction”

  1. JenIG Says:

    I like how the Igarashi Family looks… um… naturally southern. Vehicles in the overgrown yard, etc. Is that little boy doing a Betty Boop impersonation? Disturbing.

    PS I highly doubt the Bluedorns will win the Virginia Reel dance. Highly Unlikely. Highly.

  2. Angela Says:

    Wow! Looks like it’ll be a full house and lots of fun (and rather competitive :-p)!!! :-) See you there!

  3. Jeneric Jeneralities ~ by JenIG » I’m An Illegal Alien; My True Citizenship is Elsewhere Says:

    […] other-ly news — and this is just sad – HERE you have a lovely ensemble of charming, pleasant, clean, cheery, affable, normal looking family […]

  4. Jul Says:

    Did you guys pose for that picture, or is this one of those campaign tricks by the Bluedorns to discredit you before the dance off by making you APPEAR to the general public to be southern hicks who can’t even do a family line up, let alone the Virginia Reel?