Trivium Pursuit

Raffle Items for Pie Auction

We have five items which we will raffle off at the Pie Auction for Greg Wallace.

Handmade Quilt by Coie Igarashi, daughter of Geoff and Jenefer Igarashi. The Igarashi family will be driving up from Tennessee to attend the pie auction.

CHRISTINO Prelude Violin Outfit, 4/4 Size, donated by the Richard Wilson family

This is a 100% hand carved instrument with solid spruce top, maple back & ribs and inlaid purfling. It has a bright and responsive tone. The instrument is reddish brown varnished with medium flamed maple back, ribs and scroll. It is set up with high quality ebony parts, French Aubert bridge, and aluminum tailpiece with four fine tuners, Octava Perlon Strings, Brazilwood bow with horse hair, and “Christino” shaped violin case with suspension. Suggested Retail Price is $450.00.

Original Pastel Painting by Melody Hemmer


Freedom Tailgate Grill donated by the Steininger family

Set of 12 jars of homemade organically grown jam, donated by the Procarione family

In addition this Handmade Wooden Basket will be auctioned during the pie auction.

Basket made by John Adams, Washington

John Adams working on a basket.

John Adams and his son Todd in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

3 Responses to “Raffle Items for Pie Auction”

  1. JenIG Says:

    … yep, we’re driving up for the auction, but we’re *also* driving up for a rematch:


  2. Kristin Carr Says:

    Oh my! Look at that quilt! And that violin! And that painting!!! Wonderful items! :-D

    Oh that violin… ;-)

  3. Jul Says:

    It all looks so wonderful! I really do wish we could be there. We’ll look forward to seeing lots of great pictures!