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One year ago today…..

8 Responses to “One year ago today…..”

  1. Jul Says:

    Wow, it has been a year already!
    What a beautiful day that was!
    She was such a beautiful bride.
    My girls still talk about it.
    Time for another wedding!
    What do you think?

  2. priscilla Says:

    congrats on one year of marriage adam and johannah! that was last year, seems like only a couple months ago. i got in the pics?? yahoo!

  3. Jennifer Pepito Says:

    Dear Laurie,
    What beautiful pictures.
    Jennifer Pepito

  4. Kristen B. Says:

    Happy anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Stanford! :)

  5. Johannah Stanford Says:

    Thank you Mimi! Every day is even happier! :D We love you! am&jl

  6. Katie West Says:

    Wow! Can’t believe it has been a year!!! It was such a beautiful wedding and FUN reception :D

  7. Kristin Carr Says:

    Happy B-Lated anniversary! :-)

  8. Ronda Wilkins Says:

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of Adam and Johannah. It made me smile just looking at them. Happy Anniversary!