Trivium Pursuit

Does anyone know what this is?

Hint: It’s expensive and you cook with it.

6 Responses to “Does anyone know what this is?”

  1. Susan in La Says:

    I may be showing my ignorance here, but is it saffron?

  2. Laurie Bluedorn Says:

    You’re right! It came to us from Saudi Arabia.

  3. Jul Says:

    I’m glad it’s not baccy.

  4. Perla Sarmiento de Adams Says:

    In the next link are some nice Saffron Recipes:

  5. Christine Says:

    Dear Laurie,

    What an incredibly dear, sweet and generous friend you have in Mrs. Adams! Have you tried to convince her how much nicer it would be to live in Illinois than Saudi Arabia???

    Isn’t there another very special gift that she gave? My sons would love to see the pictures!

    Love in Christ,

  6. angela Says: