Trivium Pursuit

My sister Ann (without an E)

April, 1983

Summer, 2003

January, 2008

5 Responses to “My sister Ann (without an E)”

  1. Christine Says:


    We get it (Ann without an “e”)! We were wondering who is who in the 1983 picture. Care to share?

    Love in Christ,
    Christine & Angela

  2. Laurie Bluedorn Says:

    OK. From left to right it is Ann (my sister), Ava, Johannah, Nathaniel, and Hans. Helena wasn’t born yet as of April, 1983.

  3. Jul Says:

    Wow, That first one looks like Johannah as the grown up there.

    My sister’ middle name is Ann… with no e. Though my dad often called her Jill Annie.

    So which one of yours does your sister’s baby look like? Ava?

  4. Laurie Bluedorn Says:

    I think she looks like Ava!!

  5. Kristin Carr Says:

    I have never seen a picture of Ava that young before! What a cutie! :-)