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Mathematical Contests

The Classical Mommy is holding a series of mathematical contests — with lots of prizes!!

2 Responses to “Mathematical Contests”

  1. jamaal steart Says:

    how do you enter

  2. Perla Sarmiento de Adams Says:

    Hello Jamaal:

    The mathematical contest was in March. All the questions were already answered at that time.

    You can see the questions and the answer (in the comments of each question) starting in the next link:

    Recently I had a Bible Contest, it finished a few days ago. You can start to see the questions ( all answered in the comments ) in the next link:

    In general to participate in my contest you only need to be the firts in write the correct answer in the comment section.

    I like contest, if you visit this blog ( Laurie always announce my contest) or my blog, sure you will not miss the next opportunity.

    Bye for now