Trivium Pursuit

Any of this at your house?


5 Responses to “Any of this at your house?”

  1. Betsy Kimes Says:

    My husband likes to show me pictures like these and ask me why i’d ever want to leave Florida and go back north.
    All the years i lived in N. Illinois, Penn. and Connecticut, I do not remember any type of ice storms the north is experiencing this year.
    Stay warm!

  2. Katie West Says:

    What pretty pictures. Ours is all melted now. I love Piney in her blanket!


  3. Jessica Says:

    Just a few rain showers here in Southern California lately. Laurie, do you have any advice/encouragement for me – we may be moving to your neighboring state to the East: Indiana. I assume the weather there is not too different from where you are at. Have you always lived in Illinois? If not, was it difficult to adjust to the winters? Thank you!

  4. Kristen B. Says:

    Beautiful pictures! No snow nor ice in NC. (At least not yet!)

  5. Laurie Bluedorn Says:

    Hi Jessica,

    We’ve always lived in the midwest except for a short period in Oregon. I asked Hans how he would answer your question — his response was that you should learn to ski. If you get yourself a good warm coat and hat and boots then going out into the weather isn’t so bad. I like winter — it’s cozy. Laurie