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Birthday Today

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6 Responses to “Birthday Today”

  1. Kristen Bruce Says:

    Happy birthday Helena! Hope you had a wonderful day!
    The poem was very sweet. :-)

  2. jul Says:

    Happy Birthday to Helena from the Austins!

  3. Mrs. Sisson Says:

    Many happy returns of the day Helena!

    How can you stand to put shelves and clothes in there? The closet is too pretty to hide. It’s so cheery and bright.

  4. Ruth Madziarczyk Says:

    Happy belated birthday. My father’s birthday was September 29th and he was a wonderful, Godly man! And, he lived to be 99 years old!!!

    May you continue the fine tradition he set,and have many, many wonderful Christ-filled birthdays.

  5. BChsMamaof3 Says:

    Oh I just love that closet!! I think I am going to have to try something creative with my daughters : )
    Thanks for sharing that with us and a very Happy Birthday to you Helena : )

  6. Emma (from the S&S board) Says:

    Happy, happy birthday Helena!!!!