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Saying Good-bye


2007_08_26 Sisson's wedding photos 266

2 Responses to “Saying Good-bye”

  1. JenIg Says:

    her dress is just so lovely, it reminds me of something from an E.D.E.N Southworth novel. I have so enjoyed seeing the pictures you’ve been posting

  2. Nora Says:

    Hi Laurie:

    I, so, appreciate the wedding pictures. We are so glad you posted so many. It is as though we had been there.

    Are you able to be back to normal? even with that big space that Johannah left? It will shrink–ever so slowwwwwly, and she’ll make another space that will grow and grow and replace the formerly empty one.
    Be of good cheer. The Lord multiply His blessings to you.
    In His hands, Nora ^__^