Trivium Pursuit

Greeting Guests After the Ceremony

Kathy and Adam and her new daughter.

Dena Hawn family from Keithsburg, Illinois.

Dick and Colleen Moeller from Geneseo, Illinois.

Pastor and Mrs. Keith Stanford from Springfield, Illinois.

Lucas Hedding (Bloomington, Illinois) and friend.

Daniel Hernandez from Amarillo, Texas.

My Aunt Shirley Thomas from Davenport, Iowa.

Chris Alexion from Rising Sun, Maryland — our DJ for the reception.

Leah Wilson and her family (Cono, Iowa) — her dad David was best man at our wedding in 1973.

Heather Peterson from Tennessee — she arranged the flowers in the reception hall.

Tim Najpaver (Adam’s pastor) and his wife from Pekin, Illinois.

Fuzak family from Tiskilwa, Illinois.

Our neighbor Rosie Burger — she provided us with some of the flowers from her garden.

Venita McCart from Pekin, Illinois.

My Aunt Gertrude Findley from El Cajon, California.

Harvey’s nephew Jerry Fleagle from Clive, Iowa.

John Gibert from Beach Park, Illinois and Ken West from Belleview, Missouri.

Signing the marriage license.

One Response to “Greeting Guests After the Ceremony”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Hey, Chris was the only groomsman in my son’s wedding who was not one of my sons :) Good to see another picture of him and to have something in common with the Bluedorns.