Trivium Pursuit

First Wedding Shower

Ava setting up the table.

Delicious cake.

Friends and family.

Beautiful gifts.

Jenny Kline — a long-time friend.

Our neighbor and friend, Rosie Burger.

Opening presents.

Aunt Carol (Harvey’s sister).

More presents.

Aunt Debbie (Harvey’s sister) and Great Aunt Ellen (Harvey’s aunt).

The Stepanians — friends from Muscatine, Iowa.

Her first cookbook.

Dixie (Harvey’s cousin).

A painting for her walls.

Thank you, Aunt Vicki.

2 Responses to “First Wedding Shower”

  1. Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooksandMe Says:

    Thank you for letting us feel like we were at the shower.

    I can’t wait to see the wedding!

  2. jul Says:

    Sweet, precious times… enjoy!