Trivium Pursuit

Experimenting with Decorations for the Wedding

Which do you like?


2007_06_23 055


7 Responses to “Experimenting with Decorations for the Wedding”

  1. Katie West Says:

    The burning candle surrounded by the purple pansies are so pretty : ) Looking good!

  2. Sherry Says:

    The flowers are lovely, and the pic in the dish is sweet, but I’d save Piglet for the baby shower. :-)

  3. Danelle Says:

    The flowers and candle are beautiful and my favorite, and picture in the heart frame is nice too and would look great near the sign in book or 1 per table. Not too sure about piglet for a wedding but he is cute.

  4. deputyheadmistress Says:

    I like the flowers and the candle best. Truly lovely and elegant.

  5. Lizzie Says:

    Definitely the candle and pansies:)

  6. abrianna Says:

    The pansies and candle!

  7. Ruth Madziarczyk Says:

    Susan votes for the flowers around the candle as well.

    I just found this link today in my “favorites”. It was on a computer I don’t use all that often so I haven’t been keeping up. It was nice to see all the lovely pictures and catch up on all you’re doing.

    You came to Chicago and went to Vogue Fabrics and didn’t let us know? We live only about 10 minutes from Vogue (unless there’s one somewhere besides Evanston that I don’t know about)!

    Lou Malnati’s is one of our favorites too. Fortunately there is one in Lincolnwood so we don’t have to go downtown to get great pizza!

    Many blessings on all your plans. What a wonderful time in your lives!