Trivium Pursuit

Can you guess where we were this week?

2007_05_05 012

2007_05_05 084

9 Responses to “Can you guess where we were this week?”

  1. Miz Booshay Says:

    So easy.
    My kind of town.
    Chicago :o)

    All it took was a glance at that pizza…but then the Mer. Mart. was a real give away…and well Crate and Barrell too :o)

  2. Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooksandMe Says:

    I knew what city it was as soon as I saw the pizza!

    Chicago…my all time favorite city in the whole world.

  3. Annie G Says:

    Chicago…and I’d love a slice of that pizza right about now!

  4. Anna Little Says:

    you were in Chicago! The pizza looked delicious!

  5. Pam Bogard Says:

    Chicago– the pizza place is in Naperville.
    At first I thought it was Pizza Hut :) and it did look yummy!
    Also excited about those wedding plans!!! Yippee!

  6. Carrie Gaxiola Says:

    My guess is Chicago! But since we’re from the “other part of the state, I could be wrong
    :-)…Hope to see you all in St. Charles.

  7. Leon Says:

    Looks like Chicago based upon the picture of the L.

  8. Karen Savino Says:

    Chicago! I hope you enjoyed your day. :)

  9. Elizabeth Nye Says:

    You were in Chicago. My favorite city.