Trivium Pursuit

Can you guess where we were this week?

Pizza at Lou Malnati’s with Pamela Butler (thank you, Pamela, for being our guide).

Next stop, Merchandise Mart.

Original public library

I’m wondering if we could slow down a bit.

Magnificent Mile

Trapped at Crate & Barrel

9 Responses to “Can you guess where we were this week?”

  1. Miz Booshay Says:

    So easy.
    My kind of town.
    Chicago :o)

    All it took was a glance at that pizza…but then the Mer. Mart. was a real give away…and well Crate and Barrell too :o)

  2. Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooksandMe Says:

    I knew what city it was as soon as I saw the pizza!

    Chicago…my all time favorite city in the whole world.

  3. Annie G Says:

    Chicago…and I’d love a slice of that pizza right about now!

  4. Anna Little Says:

    you were in Chicago! The pizza looked delicious!

  5. Pam Bogard Says:

    Chicago– the pizza place is in Naperville.
    At first I thought it was Pizza Hut :) and it did look yummy!
    Also excited about those wedding plans!!! Yippee!

  6. Carrie Gaxiola Says:

    My guess is Chicago! But since we’re from the “other part of the state, I could be wrong
    :-)…Hope to see you all in St. Charles.

  7. Leon Says:

    Looks like Chicago based upon the picture of the L.

  8. Karen Savino Says:

    Chicago! I hope you enjoyed your day. :)

  9. Elizabeth Nye Says:

    You were in Chicago. My favorite city.