Trivium Pursuit

Here’s what I’d like to look like in ten years….


4 Responses to “Here’s what I’d like to look like in ten years….”

  1. jul Says:

    TEN?… try 20 or 30. Unless you are planning to really age rapidly this next decade.

  2. Susan Tuttle Says:

    Must be the grandchildren you are hoping for. My daughter says it is IWGS… I want grandchildren syndrome… now she says it’s from Josh Harris….

  3. JenIG Says:

    does that kid have her doll on gramma’s head?

    what a patient woman you will be, letting those grandbabies turn your head into a baby doll nest.

  4. Pamela Says:

    Question: What does every new mother-in-law want to be called?
    Answer: Grandma