Trivium Pursuit

Buy “The Fallacy Detective!”

A video produced by the Austin family.

5 Responses to “Buy “The Fallacy Detective!””

  1. Spunky Says:

    Creative and funny! If I didn’t already own it, I’d surely have to go out and get a copy just out of pity for those poor Bluedorns.

  2. Lydia Says:

    I am rushing right out to buy the Fallacy Detective becuz you said so. And because the music is good!!!!

  3. Christine Masloske Says:

    We didn’t realize that you were having legal, financial and septic problems. Maybe that kind Austin woman will consider holding a barn dance to help your family out! Everybody would be going to it, so we’d get on the bandwagon and come too!

  4. Jordan Says:

    That’s pretty good. :-)

  5. Renata Says:

    Carnival of Funny Videos is up.
    Thanks for your contribution.
    Visit, enjoy, comment!